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Real Toxic Masculinity

This a post in response to the following Tweet:

Toxic masculinity is a terribly misunderstood phenomenon. Unfortunately, by being politicized and warped by the intellectual bankruptcy of a radical fringe of society, and subsequently blamed on men and boys, the modern use of the term has become a cultural battle line that has no basis in objective reality. Telling men that they must admit to their misogyny and are profiting from toxic masculinity is a deeply irresponsible and ignorant demand bordering on, if not crossing into, unmitigated malevolence (evil). Nobody benefits from toxic masculinity. Toxic masculinity, wherever it manifests, destroys the social and economic cohesion of whatever corporate entity it is part of; family, business, military, town, village, church, mosque, government, etc.

If a social or economic organization is performing well, it is because toxic masculinity is suppressed or ejected from its ranks. If someone is benefiting from membership in such an organization, then they are benefitting from toxic masculinity being kept in check.

Toxic masculinity is not masculinity, but the social manifestation of a lack of effective masculinity. Toxic masculinity is a direct result of a lack of disciplined masculine influence on a boy as he grows up and is socialized. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus stated, ‘Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.’ The original Greek word translated to ‘Meek’ means ‘Strength/power under restraint’. The Greeks used it to describe the discipline of a Hoplite soldier who was skilled in the use of the sword, but had the discipline, humility and sound judgement to keep their feeling/emotions under control and thereby keep their sword sheathed unless absolutely necessary. It is the ‘weak’, not the ‘meek’, who lack this disciplined restraint and display ‘toxic masculinity’.

Chicago, which has one of the highest rates of single motherhood in the US, also produces one of the highest percentages of violent and predatory men. Single parent families, particularly those headed by single mothers with no support from a responsible male role model, are the incubators of ‘toxic masculinity’. Irresponsible/absent fathers represent the genesis of ‘toxic masculinity’.

So, when you hear a leftist ideologue attacking the traditional family and also bemoaning ‘toxic masculinity’, you’re listening to a moronic hypocrite. One cannot advocate against a particular social structure while simultaneously complaining about the direct consequence of that structure failing.

Which brings me to a wolf vs dog analogy. All men are born to become either wolves, coyotes and jackals, or sheep dogs, sled dogs or lap dogs. Socialization of men as they grow up either domesticates them, or not. When some cannot be domesticated, as is the case with a small minority, then one must structure society in a way that can protect the innocent from those wolves. So, you need sheep dogs. These are the ‘meek’ men who are capable of violence but have been trained to keep their emotions in check and only allow their ‘wolfness’ out to meet the threat of real wolves. These are the strong warrior types in society and often, but not always, become soldiers, airman, sailors, police, etc. These men make up 5-10% of any society and no amount of social engineering can change their core instincts. As the eminent Harvard scientist E.O.Wilson PhD concluded after extensive study of socio-biology, ‘The genes hold culture on a leash.’

Then there are the sled dogs. These are also ‘meek’ men who have restrained themselves and, while perhaps capable of being soldiers, police, etc, are more comfortable and suited to being firemen, farmers, engineers, plumbers, electricians, doctors, mechanics and all the other professions and trades that keep a civilized society functioning.

Then there are the lap dogs. These are the men who are essentially useless to society. Outwardly ‘nice’ men who are too emotionally weak or immature to take responsibility for their own lives and/or their family and community. Unfortunately, many ‘lap dogs’ are really coyotes and jackals pretending to be domesticated while their predatory desires are being manifested in secret. In a normal functioning society, there are sufficient sheep dogs and sled dogs to find these feral predators before they cause too much harm.

However, if one creates a family or societal structure that takes boys who should be sheep dogs or sled dogs, denies them the masculine role models required to channel their wilder instincts into more productive and civilized activities, and instead turns them into lap dogs; they go feral. The problem with this scenario is that, unlike the naturally weak lone predator characters, these boys aren’t coyotes or jackals, but wolves. Strong, powerful and capable of serious destruction and filled with bitterness and resentment fueled by being despised by a community too ideologically blinkered to understand that this is a problem they created.

That is what an excess of feminine influence/restraint on young boys creates. Nihilistic, bitter and resentful men who, instead of having their strengths trained, disciplined and encouraged, turning them into strong contributors to society; are being told that they’re inherently bad/evil/toxic and need to take a back seat and watch life pass them by, potential and dreams unrealized. Dangerous men with no real meaning in life to channel their energy into.

It is men like this who become ripe recruits for the Waffen SS, KGB, Red Guard, et al.

Radical leftists, and the feral lap dogs who support them, are creating the rabid pack dogs that will eat them first. True toxic masculinity created and unleashed by those who confuse ‘meekness’ with ‘weakness’.

Then, as the endless cycle of human lunacy continues, a whole bunch of sled dogs will have to join the few sheep dogs that are left and sacrifice everything to prevent civilization collapsing into prehistoric barbarism once again.

And that’s the optimistic version.

As a former sheep dog turned sled dog (but still sheep dog at heart), I don’t fear the personal suffering and sacrifice, I was blessed to be born preconditioned to function well in the face of malevolence manifesting in open violence. However, I do fear for the 90% of society that suffers long term psychological damage from such a situation, damage we call PTSD. I have no desire for my children to experience what children in Mosul or Caracas have gone through.

So, if you don’t want to find out the hard way whether you’re part of the psychologically resilient 10% or the unfortunate 90%, take the time to challenge every person you encounter who is pushing this asinine post-modern leftist narrative regarding ‘toxic masculinity’. Their goal, consciously or subconsciously, is the destruction of civilization in favour of utter barbarism.

Remind them what happened to their predecessors in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. In the former they enjoyed a brief period of power before being crushed, at huge cost, by the sheepdogs of the free world. In the Soviet Union, they were rounded up and sent to the gulag by the feral predators they helped create and put in power; torture and starvation being their reward for unleashing such evil on their own society.

Of course, if you’re the type of lunatic who dreams of living eastern Syria, Northern Nigeria, Venezuela, Somalia or Yemen, please carry on in blissful ignorance, you may soon get your wish, without the travel expenses.

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