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The Hammer & Sickle vs the Swastika; socialism's evil siblings.


The following is a question which continues to spark debate and conflict in the halls of academia throughout the west:


Which was worse, Communism or Nazism?  

Ironically, the communists invented the appropriate description to answer the question, 'everyone's equal, but some are more equal than others.'  Simply put, Communism and Nazism are both evil, but Communism was more equally evil than Nazism.

This fact is demonstrably true.  Nazism killed some 8-12 million innocents between the 1920s and 1945.  A truly despicable example of barbaric evil to be sure!

On the other hand, communism in the Soviet Union alone killed between 45 and 66 million people between 1917 and 1970.  In China between 1949 and 1975, the figure stands between 60 and 100 million.  In fact, in the Soviet Union, 15 million people starved to death as a result of collectivisation before the Nazis even got into their stride and in China, about 45 million starved as a result of collectivisation.

If you add in the results from all the other communist nations of the world, the numbers get worse for Communism.

So, Communism killed between 10 and 20 TIMES as many people as Nazism.  In mathematical terms, an order of magnitude more evil conducted by communism than by Nazism.

So here's a better question:

Why, if Communism facilitated an order of magnitude more evil than Nazism,

do Socialists feel free to fly a 'Hammer & Sickle' flag but scream in delusional

frenzy at the 'evil Nazis' and their 'evil Swastika'?

This is an interesting question because the only logical answer is that they believe genocidal lunacy is 'good' socialism and peaceful bliss is the epitome of 'evil' and therefore, the Nazis are more evil for not killing and torturing anywhere near enough people to qualify as 'good' socialists.

An utterly barbaric and malevolent argument, but logically coherent.

However, as logical coherence is antithetical to socialism, this is not the argument socialists present.  They conflate egalitarianism with 'good' and anti-egalitarianism with 'evil', so Communism, being more inclusive, is better than Nazism, which is less inclusive.  This would be a good argument were it not for the fact that the racism of the Nazis was, quite literally, the lesser of the two evils inherent in Nazism.  In fact, it was this racism that inhibited the Nazis and prevented them from destroying as many lives as the Communists.

The root of socialism, especially Marxist socialism, is the rejection of Egalitarian Universalism and the idea that each individual has intrinsic value that must be respected by others.  In fact, egalitarian socialism rejects the idea of individual value and, instead, states that individuals derive their value from the tribe, state, collective, etc.  Without the collective, the individual is worthless and if the individual is at odds with the state, their value is negative and it becomes a societal imperative to change them or terminate them.

The Nazis, by superimposing a racial structure on socialism, inadvertently built a hierarchy of value on a philosophy that intrinsically rejects the idea of human value.  In the 1936 SS pamphlet 'Der Untermensch' ('The Sub-human'), the Nazis defined a hierarchy of human value with the Nordic 'Aryan' race at the top and the Jews, Gypsies and Slavs a the bottom.  So, while defining the groups that were of no or negative value to society, they also defined those who had value worth preserving.  Hatred was reserved for the sub-human groups.

By contrast, the Communists continued down the egalitarian path where everyone was worthless.  Communism reserved hatred for, well, everyone really.  With no one holding any intrinsic value, and with everyone being open to labelling as an 'enemy of the revolution' for any number of increasingly tenuous reasons, hatred was free to direct it's wrath at everyone equally.

In summary, the true source of evil in socialism comes from stripping intrinsic value away from everyone, making them all equally disposable.  The Nazis, by creating a hierarchy of value among humans, reduced the percentage of potentially disposable people in society.

When evil is at the core of the ideology, egalitarianism is a very, very bad thing.  When hatred is built in to an ideology, all egalitarianism achieves is ensuring everyone is hated equally.  When hatred results in killing and torture, egalitarianism simply means more victims of barbarism.

Communism and Nazism are both evil, but Communism is more equally evil than Nazism. 


If that sentence does not make sense initially, re-read it until it does, because it is both grammatically correct and logically coherent.

So, the next time you see a 'Hammer & Sickle' flying, your stomach should churn, because that flag represents the most vile and evil  ideology in recorded human history.  If you see a Swastika, your stomach should also churn, because that flag represents the second most vile and evil ideology in human history.

Hating everyone equally does not make you more moral than hating only a few, quite the opposite, it makes you less moral.

An egalitarian hatemonger is the most barbaric of human beings, without exception.

Reading List:

'Gulag Archipelago' - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

'Man's Search for Meaning' - Viktor E Frankl

'Mein Kampf' - Adolf Hitler

'Essays on Fascism' - Benito Mussolini, Oswald Mosley, Alfredo Rocco & Giovanni Gentile

Last Edited - 09 Jan 19

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