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Canadian students are being taught a historically incoherent definition of Liberalism.  They're also taught political ideologies without a shred of historical context. This site exists to help address those genocidally dangerous errors.

"One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions, rather than their results" - Milton Freidman (1912-2006)


Education systems across the western world have either failed, or are in the process of failing, to teach the difference between reality and fantasy, between free thinking and wooden ideology.  Children are being taught to hate in the name of 'tolerance' and to be bigots in the name of 'social justice'. 


Prehistoric superstition and inherently evil ideologies are becoming mainstream and this website is part of the battle to rescue the Enlightenment from the corruption of ideas motivated by envy, greed, resentment and the widespread abdication of individual responsibility.


Few westerners understand the fundamental principles that provide the foundation for civilization, of 'Liberal Democracy'.  However, the broad success of western civilisation, with historically unprecedented levels of equality and justice, extraordinarily low levels of crime and violence and economic prosperity unparalleled in history, is not a product of luck or blind chance. 

In 'Fundamentals', I'll discuss the philosophical foundations of the first and only true civilisation in human history.


This will be a series of articles on subjects that interest me.  Initially, and most importantly, this will cover a number of issues with the Social Studies curriculum in Alberta, Canada, an explicitly racist, sexist and classist curriculum.

To follow on will be a number of other articles including human nutrition and diet, science, etc.

The intent is to provide an overview of the subjects covered along with reference material / reading lists for more detailed study.

If western educators fail to teach our youth, it's up to responsible citizens to take up the slack.

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I'm a liberal, from a family of essentially liberal people.  However, the last person in my family to support a political party bearing the name 'liberal' was my great-grandfather.  He died under the liberal government of Prime Minister Louis St-Laurent, who he voted for.

Why, if I'm a liberal and my family are liberals, have we not voted 'liberal' since the 1950s?  Well, simply put, we have.  However, we're Canadian, and most 'liberal' political parties in Canada largely abandoned liberalism during the 1960s & 1970s, so voting for a party with 'liberal' in the name, and voting for liberal policy platforms have become two very different things. 


There have been brief exceptions to that trend, but they've been limited in scope and all too limited in duration.

This website is intended to explain what true 'liberalism' is, explain what it is not, and expose the regressive socio-economic thought inappropriately called 'modern liberalism', a decidedly anti-liberal political movement.

Stew Staudinger BEng (HONS) ATP RAF RCAF

Sqn Ldr (Ret'd)

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